I’m happy to provide a variety of services, including one-time breakout sessions, longer-term individual coaching, and group programs.  Please use the tabs below to learn more about any or all of these.
Breakthrough Session: a complimentary 15 minute phone session

This video call is designed to get the ball rolling.  We’ll go through your situation, identifying the simplest path to the change in health that you desire.  You’ll leave with a clear idea of how to create that change, one habit at a time.

Individual Coaching: personalized help in creating a healthier, happier life
With this package, you and I will go through your situation together, along with any medical providers you’d like to be involved.  We’ll choose changes that would lead to a healthier, happier life.  Over time, we’ll go through each of those changes until they fit effortlessly into your life.  I’ll be with you at every step to answer questions, provide accountability and make things as easy as possible.
Programs and Workshops: creating change in a group setting

I offer workshops and group programs from time to time, as a way to help people in a more cost effective way.  If you’d like to hear about these workshops, please sign up for my newsletter.

Three months. Three habits. Real, lasting change.

A healthy life is little more than a collection of habits.  Let's find the three that are best for you, and put them into your life.

Struggling to find healthy recipes?

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Questions about the best choice for you? Let's talk!

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