The Mental Benefits of Nutrition and Stress Management

You probably already know that what you eat effects your body, but did you know it has a huge effect on your mind too?  Your body relies on an amazing number of hormones and other chemicals to run its systems, and it uses food to create them.  When it doesn’t have what it needs, the chemicals aren’t created.  This effects your mood, your ability to think, sleep, and concentrate.

Along with nutrition, stress plays a huge role in your mental state.  I’m sure you’re already familiar with what it’s like when you notice stress, but there are a great number of ways it can affect you without you noticing.  When you’re under constant stress (as most Americans are), you aren’t absorbing nutrients properly, your body’s hormone system can fall out of balance, and your immune system will suffer.  These effects can have a huge effect on your mental state.

If you grew up eating the standard American diet, you may never have experienced what it’s like to have your body humming along like it’s capable of.  If you’ve never learned ways to lower your stress (like most Americans), you may not know what stress-free even feels like.  Being healthy is so much more than living longer or staying thin; it effects how you experience every moment of this life.

Here are some of ways that proper nutrition and stress management can help you mentally:

Lower depression–  Depression is linked with inflammation in the brain, and it has been shown to improve when inflammation is decreased.

Lower anxiety–  By working with stress management, you can lower the burden on your adrenal glands.  This lowers your experience of anxiety and the effects it has on you.  This can be further supported with a few diet changes.

Help with conditions– In conjunction with medical supervision and treatment, nutrition and stress management can greatly help with anxiety, dementia, depression, insomnia, ADHD, bipolar disorder and other mental conditions.

Improve focus-  Numerous studies have shown that diet has an effect on how well a person can focus.  Similarly, studies on meditation and other stress relief techniques have shown similar benefits.

Improve sleep–  Poor sleep is almost always a matter of stress, lifestyle and nutrition.  By addressing these imbalances one at a time, sleep can drastically improve.

Boost energy– Diet and stress relief can be used to improve sleep, adrenal function and methylation, all of which have been shown to increase energy.

Improve mental performance–  What happens when you have more energy, better focus and less anxiety?  Your mental performance and quality of life will naturally improve!