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So, What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition starts with the assumption that all parts of the body are connected, and that affecting any one area will affect the whole.  A holistic nutritionist uses food or food-like items (herbs, supplements, etc.) to affect change, based on your goals, always bearing in mind the possible effects in other areas.  You are treated as a whole person, rather than just a series of problems to be solved.  For example, Michael’s specialty is working with parents of young children looking to improve their sleep and boost their energy.  While there would be similarities between what is recommended to you and to others, much of the recommendations would be unique to you.  For treatments to be successful for you, they have to take into account your unique chemistry and unique circumstances; they have to work for you, your lifestyle and your family.

Can Holistic Nutrition Help Me?

We are chemical beings. Every process in our bodies, even our thoughts and moods, can be adjusted chemically. Throughout our evolutionary history, this was done through food, herbs and other natural techniques.  Treatments recommended to you are designed to bring your chemical processes back to a state of balance. From there, health follows naturally.

How Would a Holistic Nutrition Program Work?

This is largely up to you.  There are quite a few free services offered, which can make a big impact on your life.  Beyond that, there are web-based classes, which are great starting points.  They are offered because some things (whole-food diets, stress relief techniques) are so universally helpful that they can be made into systems.  This allows you to get more help for less money.  Even so, individual adjustments can be very helpful.  The web classes offer the options of adding personalized consults.  You can also book an initial consultation, where Michael will go over your situation and make recommendations as to what would be the recommended course of action.

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