Gene Expression and Food

As medical science progresses, we’re finding that most diseases aren’t a function of mutated genes (as we previously thought).  They are a matter of gene expression.  While some of these changes seem to be accidental, most are a byproduct of diet and lifestyle.

While your genes are mostly permanent, they are a small amount of your DNA.  Most of the rest, the so called junk DNA, appears to be involved in how your genes express themselves.  It appears that this allows your body to adapt to it’s chemical environment (mostly a product of food and lifestyle), making the best of a less than ideal situation.  These shifts in expression may allow your body to survive through cycles of hardship , but they often lead to illness.

By eating a healthy, natural diet, you allow your body to receive the chemical building blocks it needs to run it’s systems: metabolism, thought processes, hormones, digestion, immune function, reproductive function and many others.  If it receives everything it needs, these systems tend to normalize over time.

Most interestingly (to me at least), these adjustments in gene expression are passed along with the genes during conception.  So, the habits that you create before having kids can go a long way in helping them have correct gene expression and avoid diseases, even the hereditary ones.

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