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About Michael

For the past 17 years, Michael has used natural methods to help people boost their energy, improve their sleep and reduce their pain.  In that time, he has come to appreciate the importance of good health.  It’s more than a matter of living longer, getting sick less or “feeling better”.  Your health affects how you perceive every moment of your live.  How much do you enjoy your favorite activities when you’re in pain?  When you’re full of anxiety?  When you’re exhausted?

Michael excels at making healthy choices simple and accessible.  In his years working as a massage therapist, Michael saw firsthand where people succeeded and where they failed .  He found that most people didn’t fail because they lacked discipline or knowledge, as we’re so often told. These people failed because they were overwhelmed and couldn’t see a way out of their situation.  They failed because their inner narratives held them back from creating the change they desired.  They failed because there was nobody to answer their questions or hold them accountable.  Michael now works with clients, helping with these common difficulties, making a healthy life that much easier to live.

Michael holds a BS in Health Sciences (pre-naturopathic medicine) from Portland State University.  He is National Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.  He has studied herbalism with renowned natural health expert KP Khalsa and studied massage, meditation and energetics extensively in Thailand.  He combines all of these teachings with the realities of modern life, to help clients adopt healthy lifestyles that fit into busy lives.


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A healthy life is little more than a collection of habits.  Let's find the three that are best for you, and put them into your life.

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