Healthy Lifestyles for Busy Lives



Michael provides practical solutions to help working parents with small children improve their sleep, boost their energy and feel great.


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Boost Your Energy


Ah, uninterupted sleep… the romantic ex of all parents.  Life isn’t going to let you reunite with this ex, but you can still improve the sleep you do get, and boost your energy naturally


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Whole Foods for the Whole Family


You want the best for your kids.  Not only is a whole food diet a great way to see that their growing bodies get the nutrients they need, it establishes a healthy relationship with food.



Realistic Options for Whole Food Meals

Is the time-crunch keeping you from making healthy, delicious meals?  Menu planning and a weekly prep day can keep your cook time down to 20 minutes or less on meal nights.


Lower Your Stress

You’ll never be free of stressful situations now that the wee ones are in the picture.  The good news is that you can still lower stress with some simple 15 minute exercises.


Boost Your Immunity

Whether it’s from school, day care, or whatever the pacifier last touched, kids are walking petri dishes.  Healthy foods and a few supplements go a long way toward keeping the whole family healthy.


Healthy Lifestyles for Busy Parents


Is the time-crunch getting in the way of making healthy choices for you and your family?

The internet is full of nutritional ideas for parents, but rare are the ones that don’t take hours to prepare.  Michael specializes in creating healthy nutrition plans that fit into busy lives.  With a little advance planning and a weekly prep day, you can make healthy meals in 20 minutes or less.   You can take healthy meals to work.  The best part; they’ll taste great!

Can’t get enough sleep?  Can’t get enough handkerchiefs?

The days of sleeping as much as you’d like may be in the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to be tired.  Your child’s nose may run like it’s training for a marathon, but doesn’t mean you have to be sick.  A whole food diet, some supplements and simple stress relief techniques will boost your immunity and your energy.  These steps won’t keep the wee ones out of your bed in the middle of the night, but they can improve the sleep you do get.

Want to establish a health relationship with food for your children?

Kids are always watching and always listening (except maybe in those moments you want their attention).  If they see food coming out of a box, they’ll assume that food is supposed to come out of boxes.  If they see food as it is in nature, they’ll assume that food is supposed to be as it is in nature.  Laying this groundwork will go a long way toward keeping them healthy and keeping them away from the diabetic trap that food manufacturers have laid out.

A perfect diet is as realistic as a perfect child.  It’s all about making the best of your situation and enjoying the process.

Michael Gill is a licensed massage therapist and holistic nutritionist, with an office in downtown Portland.  He has 16 years in the natural medicine field, specializing in pain relief, sleep problems and stress management.

What is a nutritionist?

A nutritionist is a health practitioner who helps clients reach their health goals, primarily using food to do so.  That’s the short answer.  If you’d like the longer answer, follow this link.



Rather than strong-arming me into a one-size-fits-all approach, Michael listened to me about my lifestyle and resources and worked with me to create a program that nudged me to make healthier and more energizing food choices.  He understood that I had to balance badly needed nutritional changes with a busy schedule and I feel like he has given me tools for the long haul that can be used permanently. He had delicious recipes and good suggestions about fun ways to move more.  I have more energy and sleep better and I have dropped at least twenty pounds.