Healthy Choices Made Easy

Therapeutic Thai massage, menu planning, stress management techniques, nutritional pharmacology and meditation, all designed to fit into your busy life.

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Therapeutic Thai Massage

Great for pain relief, relaxation and flexibility. Come lay back and let an experienced therapist take the worry and pain away. Therapeutic work can be billed to your insurance, if applicable.

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Menu Planning

“Let food be your medicine”
Choosing your food shouldn’t be stressful. Natural, delicious whole foods are the start of any meal plan. From there, all recommendations are designed around your tastes and lifestyle.


Stress Management Techniques

Not all paths are covered with flower petals; stressful events are a part of life. Our reactions to those events can be adjusted, lowering the stress we feel. Why not learn some simple techniques to make your life easier?


Nutritional Pharmacology

Targeted supplements can be a great way to boost energy, decrease pain, and much more. Getting a quality product and correct dose is challenging with all the confusing information out there. Why not let a professional guide your choices?



Does meditation seem daunting or difficult? It needn’t be. Instruction in simple techniques you can use immediately to experience a quieter mind and easier path.


Is pain keeping you from enjoying the things you love?

Whether it’s from overuse, an injury, or just the accumulation of daily aches and pains, it can feel like pain is an unavoidable fact of life.  We specialize in reducing your pain.  In most cases we can eliminate it entirely, given time.  Get back on the trail, on the court, or on the road.  Get back to life without constant pain.

Having trouble finding the time to live a healthier life?

Would you like to have more energy?  Better sleep?  A healthier weight?  Being healthy doesn’t have to be a complicated scientific equation.  There is no “right way” or “best way”, other than the one that works best for you and your life.  That goes for diet, exercise, mindset, beliefs, and therapies.  We work with you, to tailor-make a plan you can integrate into your life and enjoy.  For most people, that doesn’t mean complete optimization, it means a program that is enjoyable and convenient enough to fit into their busy lives.

Let’s design a program that works for you.

Whatever your goals may be, natural methods can almost certainly help you.  Michael is trained and experienced in massage, nutritional pharmacology, stress management techniques, menu planning and meditation.  More and more studies are showing how effective these techniques are.  Whether you are looking for a shift in lifestyle or just a simple massage, Michael will work with your needs.  Book an appointment today!

Michael Gill is a licensed massage therapist and nutritionist, with an office in downtown Portland.  He has 15 years in the natural medicine field, specializing in pain relief and stress management.



“A few years ago I started seeing Michael for back problems. He helped resolve those rather quickly but the rest of my body (and mind) felt so light and clear after sessions that I have continued to return.  Michael is very empathetic, kind, professional and will work on what you want to be worked on.  I have had a lot of body work over the years, but Michael is one of the few massage therapists who I would (and do) return to time and time again.”